About time too…..

I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to write this post! Having just looked back, I realise that I didn’t even write a post to celebrate my 40th….just a post to say that I had completed my 40 Challenges B440.

So, albeit 3 months ago, I’ll start by saying what an amazing birthday I had. Despite all that had happened in the previous 3 months with losing mum, it was a great celebration that I was able to share with close family and friends. I finished my 40 challenges the day before which was brilliant and started me on a total high.

My cake!
Me and my siblings :-)

We all then went down to the local pub where there were about 80 of us celebrating with lots of laughing, drinking and eating. I had originally been thinking of a massive party where I could invite all the friends who have supported me over the last year or so, but in the end, with all that had happened I decided I wanted to keep it to those who are closest to me.

And whilst I know that may have upset a couple of people who had expected to be there, it was absolutely the right thing for me to do. I was able to relax, and enjoy those around me without thinking of all the challenges that lay ahead of me! Nick had arranged a fantastic cake (made by my lovely friend Lisa F) that depicted the challenges I had achieved, and he had asked people to contribute to a memory box (an hour or so of my birthday the next day was me blubbing as I read what people had to say!)

So to all of you who were a part of it, thank you for making it a special evening for me….everything I had wanted…..perfect.

Since then, life has been extremely hectic and pretty up and down really. It’s hard to know what is of any interest to people but I’ll give it a go. I’ve been working since January which make life far more busy, fitting everything in the few hours that I now have…..but that’s par for the course for many so I won’t moan! Unfortunately, after having had a great 12 months of not being ill at all, it seems to have kicked in since March and I’ve been suffering the same cough that many others seem to have had. I think I may have caught it whilst I was neutropenic in Feb/ March (i.e while I had a compromised immune system).

I seemed to just be getting over it last month when I then missed the bottom step at home…..and broke my foot! Although even that was a long story as it wasn’t picked up with the first xray. Instead, they picked up the broken 5th metatarsal (yes I had a Beckham/ Rooney injury!!) that I had done 10 months ago whilst running….. and since I’d broken it, I had continued to play netball for 3 hours stints, run 10km regularly and even do my Challenge of doing 40km in 5 days!! I’m feeling pretty much ‘hard as nails’ so don’t mess with me! Luckily I had asked for an MRI so I could get on with physio and that picked up the second break in my ankle bone so I am now sporting a lovely plaster cast :-( I wouldn’t mind except I can’t drive for 4 more weeks now, and it has totally slowed me down…..anyone who knows me well, knows that isn’t good for my soul!

It just seems to be one thing after another at the moment. We sadly lost Nick’s nan a few weeks ago – and despite us being able to celebrate that she had 97 years (most of which she was amazingly well and healthy), it was a sad goodbye to a lady who had influenced, loved and inspired so many of her family and friends.

I have now come down with yet another cough and am hoping it isn’t medication related. I still have maintenance therapy which in general has no impact on me. I watch my neutrophils but am generally well. I am just hoping that the fact that the symptoms are the same and are happening at the same time in my drugs cycle aren’t an indication of my being unable to tolerant the treatment any more. I’m sure that it’s just coincidence, but the thing with any diagnosis of anything, is that you start trying to preempt everything! So I’m sat here in the hospital today, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my paranoia is just that.

Other than that our house sale never quite happened…I can’t even remember if I blogged that we were hoping to move! However, it never felt quite right so when our buyers pulled out, we weren’t too concerned. Nick’s job will be changing in the near future and we aren’t sure what to, or where he will be located. So this has given us some breathing space although we are back up and ready to put it back on the market and move into rented while we decide.

In the meantime, we are trying to enjoy our family life. Last year a friend of mine was kind enough to purchase a trip to Harry Potter Studios as present for me. This was extra special as he had seen that it was one of my things on my ‘List for Living‘. We had waited a while till the kids were old enough to see the films (hmmm, well sort of old enough!) so that they would get lots out of it too and yesterday we visited. What can I say?! I absolutely loved it and was in awe of the work that went into producing the films. I’d happily go back (without kids next time too!) so that I could read more of the detail, but it was a great afternoon out which we all enjoyed. The kids have transformed into Dumbledore and Hermione with their wands, and I’m only slightly concerned about how much will actually get done in the house now that they are obsessed!.DSC_0623

I also thought I should give an update for my 40 Challenges B440 – the total was just under £20,000 before gift aid! I am absolutely over the moon….if anyone still wants to donate please go to http://www.justgiving.com/deb-gascoyne (and don’t get put off by all the donations for someone called Claire….it’s a friend of mine who did a lent declutter and used my page for donations!). This fabulous amount came from my JG page, the lent challenge (www.justgiving.com/teams/lent) and other challenges that people did for me like the Retail walk and a quilt challenge.

I think that’s all for now. So I’ll sit back and watch the IV dripping through with my zometa……..and next time, will try to come up with something more exciting to write about!