About 180 and a Big Thank You!

I’m about 180 days out of my transplant and doing well.  I’ve been posting my jogging escapades on T (@PromotingGHL) and FB (find Promoting Global Hair Loss) and have been quite proud of myself!  More in store for the future but we’ll save that story for another time.  I still have no answer as to my next steps.  I do need to try and schedule an appt w/ Dr J for follow up.  He’s still not spoken to the guys in Boston yet.  I am hoping the agreement is to stay off the drugs until something occurs.  I’m feeling real good, keeping sub-9 minute miles and hoping to push it further.

I also wanted to post a copy of the thank you note I sent out via my MMRF donation site.  For those that were involved, those that donated and those that helped coordinate an event or just helped spread the word – thank you.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Here’s a copy of the note that I sent.  Best, Bill

Dear Friends of PGHL,

I am finally drafting this note after many months of remembering I have to do this but not physically sitting down and DOING IT! This note is to say thank you for all your support in my efforts to Promote Global Hair Loss. I’m assuming most of you have read my blog or seen my posts on FB and Twitter. in the event you haven’t, I had my transplant on 29 January at Mt Sinai hospital in Manhattan. I was released on 10 February, with good numbers and allowed to finally head home – and I was itching to do so! Arriving home I was a bit out of sorts – much more “worn out” than I had expected to be upon my return. I got over that and bottom line, I returned to work mid-April. I’m now running about 3 times per week averaging 2.5 to 3 miles per and hitting around 9 minute miles. I’m pleased with my status and am expecting to move forward – fighting this disease continuously!

But this note is about you, not me. I originally set a target of $50,000. I’ve never done this before and didn’t know what my target should be (nor was I really going to think about targets – I get enough of that at work!) The target became 50,000 because the default on the form was 5,000 – I just added a 0. It’s amazing what one little zero can do!

I’ve since had to adjust my target to $60,000 as you guys came through in droves! As of this note we’ve raised $59,582!!! I know The MMRF is pleased but I wanted each of you to know I am also pleased and thankful as well. I believe The MMRF is making great strides to help identify a cure for this miserable disease. Anything I can do to assist is simply my pleasure to do so. I had a great time Promoting Global Hair Loss – and I don’t intend to stop there. Yes my hair is back but there’s still lots of work to do!

Stay tuned to my blog, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else I end up taking advantage of social media! Thank you again for your individual donation and thank you also to those of you that helped coordinate or attend the events that took place, around the globe, to Promote Global Hair Loss!

Thank You!


aka rugbyhubby
aka PGHL

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