A Year of Small Indulgences

There is a flurry of New Year activity across the blogs.  Lots of people are starting 2013 by making a regular commitment:  to read a book a week, knit a pair of socks every month, take a photo every day – the list goes on.  I love projects like that!  I am a very goal-centred person and I like having milestones and project plans (…and Gantt Charts and Excel Spreadsheets – what a geek!)

Please ignore crumbs on the tablecloth… Cranberry Orange Loaf since you ask!

I was thinking about what I might want to do, and how it needs to fit in with my other goals: having less clutter, creating permanence.  It mustn’t be a gimmick.  It has to be fun.  It has to serve a purpose.

Over the holidays, I went through my collection of Knit Now magazines and made of list of everything I wanted to knit.  It came to 54 patterns.  FIFTY FOUR patterns in 16 issues – that’s amazing!  But realistically, I have no immediate use for that many cowls / mitts / socks / scarves / baby jumpers.  So I was thinking that what I could do is to start a stock-pile of hand-made gifts.  How many times a year am I caught out by birthdays / babies / Christmas?

And it has such great potential for stash-busting too!  I can indulge myself in knitting up all the pretty stuff that isn’t necessarily “me” but is bound to suit someone sometime.  And as I work my way through the stash, I can reward myself.  So when I knit something altruistic, I am allowed a little treat :)

What sort of treats, Roo?

This is where it gets fun!  I am far too strict with myself and rarely indulge in “girly consumables” like make-up or flowers or funky stationery or posh tea or smelly candles.  My plan is to reward myself with something lovely every time I finish a gift for someone else.  This is a multiple-win scenario:  I get the pleasure of knitting the item, the satisfaction of completing a queued project, the joy of stash-busting, I save myself a future gift-gap panic AND I get a present for myself!  Just a little something that I will use, so it won’t add to my burden of stuff.

It is very much in the spirit of Romancing the Ordinary, a book which has brought me such inspiration and comfort in the past, when life has felt difficult.  It’s not about going crazy and buying all of the stuff, in a mad supermarket sweep of retail therapy, it is about caring for others and caring for myself at the same time. And I reckon we all need a bit of that.

My first Small Indulgence project is the Acorn Mitts.  I am 3/4 of the way through the second mitt.  Ooh!  Soon I can choose a prize!  What will it be?  A bar of hand-made soap?  A notebook?

This is fun!