A Year of Good Intentions

Happy New Year!
Thank you to everyone who has sent us good wishes over the past few weeks.
Today is a public holiday in Scotland, so I am able to take this first Monday a little more easily than those to come.  FL has a hospital appointment tomorrow, so “back to work” is postponed a little longer.  And no, I still don’t know how we are going to manage.  I need to have A Conversation with The Boss.

A favourite sunrise from 2015

Recent events have made me ever more determined to take more control of my life, so that is my theme for 2016.  Hmm… maybe I need a Theme Song – any good suggestions?!

My Intentions for the year are as follows:

  1. Put Up With Less, also known as “take greater responsibility”.  I must fix things or get them fixed.  I started by ordering a new farm coat to replace the one with the broken zip, and new wellies (with furry lining!) to replace the leaking ones.  Both were remarkable sale bargains and the coat was from an ethical company.  I do not need to put up with being cold and wet every time I go out with dog!  The second thing I did was screw the handle back on to the door of the cooker.  It had been hanging off for a week.  The oven door handle has been off for almost a year and I can’t work out how to reattach it, but I am the only one using it so that is less important.  FL could conceivably want to use the grill.
  2. Cook new recipes from my Anna Jones books. A far less fundamental goal, but it will help me stay focused on healthy eating.  FL is sleeping a lot and eating very little these days so it is all too easy to forget about meals, but I need my strength, both physical and mental.  I made some amazing pancakes out of chickpea flour and grated carrot the other day :)
  3. Get back to literature.  I had stopped reading and listening to audiobooks, for no good reason other than that I hadn’t ordered any from the library.  Today I will make a list and get in the queue!  Any recommendations?
  4. Spin! I am really enjoying my spinning wheel.  I want to learn to do it better and try out different fibres.  I want to spin with particular knitting or crochet projects in mind.  I really fancy making a handspun blanket :)
  5. Knit from the stash.  I would prefer to invest my pocket money in spinning fibre than new yarn this year.  I have loads of lovely skeins waiting to be knit up and several patterns printed out and ready to go – I just need to sit down with a podcast for company and get on with it :)
  6. Sew what I want to wear. Obvious really.  Stop being sucked in by what the cool kids are making.
  7. Plan to attend a woolly event this year.  This one is really hard to do.  I can barely plan to the end of the week, not knowing how FL is going to be feeling from one day to the next. However, I have a tentative plan to go to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, down and back in the day.  March is a long way away.  Who knows what my life will look like by then!
7 goals – that’s enough to be going on with.
I hope to keep blogging on a fairly regular basis.
If words elude me, I will at least aim to keep posting crafty catchups on Instagram, where I am theroobeedoo.  See you there?

Right… spinning!