A Wild Few Weeks

I headed solo to PCB a few weeks ago.  Wanted to get home for Dom’s 71st birthday last Thursday.

The weather became horrid.  Serious rain all up and down the Florida/Alabama coast.

So, held off…. waiting for the weather to clear.  Luckily, The LIQ is right across the street.

Meanwhile, the Double Red Flags were flying.  “STAY OUT OF THE WATER-dangerous rip-tides”.

They pulled about 8 people out of the water.  I know of at least one individual who drowned.

On Thursday, a rescuer went out and saved someone.  He went out a second time….and drowned.

Sad, sad, sad.

Anyway, the new plan was to return home on Friday.  NOPE.  The weather moved into our area in MS. and LA.  Massive flooding, street closures, businesses closed.

I was stranded on the beach until Saturday morning.

A wonderful place opened next to the condo.  The Emerald Cafe.  They don’t have a website or Facebook page yet, but they are GREAT.

I ended up having 2 Club sandwiches. On Friday, I had a Double Angus Cheeseburger….12 oz.  OMG!   It’s my new favorite place.

Things are getting back to normal here.  Still raining like hell, but we’re high and dry.

Mama Raccoon continues to bring her 3 little ones every afternoon.  Adorable!

Hope that all is well with you guys!