A Wet Mardi Gras and a Gorgeous Sunset

Well, Mardi Gras was a complete WASH-OUT.  Alot of rain and some sleet.  I felt bad for the folks in the French Quarter and parade routes.

As for us, we ate Mexican food, drank margaritas and watched the parades on TV in the comfort of our own home. How times have changed!

For many years, we’d be right there in the belly of the beast…..along with my brother Ric and many times with his Ohio buddies.

Bogalusa party on Saturday, thrown by Richard and Jeff McM….. It was THE place to be on that Sat!  The parade passed right in front of Jeff’s home.  They had live music, alot of food.  Fun, fun times!

Sunday, we’d wake up at Jeff’s hung-over, then head to Madisonville, LA for the annual boat parade.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in the French Quarter.

We’re getting too old for that shit!   LOL  (But it sure was fun back in the day!)