A week on / off.

Don’t panic, I’m not about to bore / horrify you all with gory details. No this post is merely an update and a musing on my part.

Mike is almost exactly the same as he was, the only change from the week before is a slight nausea. I’m not sure what we were expecting would happen, the professionals certainly didn’t seem to know, we asked everyone we spoke to, and we’re still asking. Their reassuring “we’ve helped patients before” is rather mute when they won’t even say anecdotally what is likely to occur.  

The various protocols around who prescribes and who is allowed to collect or deliver the drugs is frustrating at best. The paperwork seems endless, a stock take is done at every visit (I do know why).

Meanwhile the limbo has now spread to my brain, I look at things, and I know I need to do something, and yet I still just stand there staring, waiting for something to tell me what to do. It is a mental paralysis. I have a constant headache that stretches from the base of my neck at my left shoulder to the front sinus on the left, right over the top. 

Life for Mike pretty much continues as before, with me waiting on him hand and foot. I’m left wondering if I might just pop my clogs before he does.