A Week In Knitting…with a(n) FO

Let’s start with the FO:  A pair of Narcissa Socks from the Unofficial HP Knits Book, designed by the wonderful Rachel Coopey.
6 hours of train travel on Monday took me from the heel turn of sock two to the toe.
The yarn is Viscount of Spark from Countess Ablaze in the amazing colour “Nerds Prefer their Rainbows Darker”.  These pictures show the colour as being slightly brighter than in real life.  It is definitely Darker :)
You might be able to see the sparkles if you squint…?
The yarn is 75% merino, 20% nylon and 5% stellina and it is superwash.  Hopefully they will be hard-wearing.  They are pretty stretchy, even the picot cuff, which is a very good thing as they are not for me.  Ssssssh!

Tuesday found me in the Haematology waiting room, so I cast on the Hector socks from Rachel Coopey’s book “A Knitted Sock Society“.  The yarn came from the p-hop table in York 2013 and is 100% easy care Merino from YarnAddict in a club colour called January – it is really soft!  In the skein it was in evenly-divided sections of lime green, lilac, mint green and light blue.  I took the risk that it might stripe, and it is doing a rather pretty spiral in even 1-inch sections.

In a competition for attention, the Hector pattern stands up well against the colours of the yarn.  It is working up quickly and is another super-stretchy rib / lace combination- perfect for gift-knitting!  I almost considered these for a man… but only a golfer would cope with such bright hues.  Sorry FL – they are not for you after all!

 And last but not least – I have serious progress to report on my Kex blanket!
I have almost completed section 2 (of 4, plus border).
The picture above is pretty true to colour.
The picture below shows how it looks next to section 1 in bright sunlight.
At 4 rows an hour, it continues to feel like a gargantuan project, but it is heartening to see such evidence of progress after just one week of dedicated attention.  At this rate I might finish it by…
Let’s just say” I might finish it”.  That’s good enough for me!