A Week in Knitting with A New Obsession

OK Roo, what’s going on? 
That’s not your cardigan or a sock or a blanket, is it?
It looks suspiciously like a shawl…?

This is Vintage Fremont by Jami Brynildson.  It is an asymmetric triangular shawl – not your usual “wingspan” style, but a long, pointy dangley shard of a drapey thing.  Mostly garter stitch, it is worked in slices with wedges of lace at the wide end.
And it is a compulsive knit.
I cast this on last Monday and I over halfway done.
I might just sit down and crank out the rest today.

The yarn is salvaged from a failed design project:  Skein Queen Flockly in the colour “Hollowgast”.  It is soft and drapey in a deeply sinister grey / green which shifts murkily in daylight and creeps up on me from the shadows at night.  And really it ought to freak me out in my high-pitched state of post-work-stress.  Instead, it is my steampunk rebellion knitting.  After the zombie apocalypse, when my workplace is just a mushroom cloud of asbestos dust, I will still be knitting in my rural idyll.
Or something.
When I have finished this one (a gift), I want to knit another.  And another.
Which is why there isn’t much progress to show on my second Arnulf sock

Or my Monte Rosa cardigan.
But it’s not going away.  I still love it and enjoy the knitting of it.

I’ll get there.
After I save the world, obviously.