A Week in Knitting: 3 HO’s don’t make a pair

This week I hit the halfway mark on 3 of my 4 current knitting projects. Woo hoo!
The biggest piece of news is of course my Kex Blanket.
Look at my cute baby! ;)

The wrong side

I decided to take the opportunity while it was off the needles to lay it out on a single bed, so you could get an idea of the size of this project.  He’s a Big Fella.

The right side, with single bed for scale

The finished blanket will have the same two sections all over again, plus a 10cm border all the way round the outside.
Storage of my work-in-progress is becoming an issue.  At the moment, I can still squish the whole thing into my ISLY-inspired bag.  But for how much longer?!

Next up, I finished the first Alicia Mitt.  This picture was taken at the weekend, before I added the thumb.  I am really enjoying working with the J C Rennie Unique Shetland yarn.  It knits up into such a wonderfully even fabric, and is perfect for colourwork.  Yum!

Finally, I finished the first Hector sock.  I decided to bite the bullet and aim for a man-sized sock, even though the colours are… um… quite bright?  It is a really stretchy sock, and FL’s main problem right now is the pain in his feet and ankles.  He appreciates socks that are soft, warm and easy to get off and on.  These are all 3 of those things, and I reckon he carry off a more flamboyant sock-statement with humour and aplomb!

Hector the Brave