A Visit with Our Christine over the Fourth of July

Shortly after Amy flew home, Dom drove into town, and our Christine flew in for a nice visit and our Fourth of July EXTRAVAGANZA

During her visit, we hit all of the “musts”…..  Dee’s Hangout, Los Rancheros, Beach Package, etc.

One day we were all drained from the sun. For a change, we walked down to our restaurant/cocktail lounge for dinner.  It’s a really cute place, adjoining one of the pools in our tower.  “H2O Bar and Grill”.  Christine and I had a nice salad, and Dom had their chicken wings, which he LOVED.

As PCB is quickly becoming “THE” place to be on Independence Day, the beach was MOBBED all week.  But it’s worth it for the fireworks!

Last January, a dear family friend (Amy’s brother, Archie) used the condo for a couple of weeks.  Much to our surprise, he loaded us up with $250 worth of restaurant gift certificates, one of which was $150 for the Firefly.  Yep, I’m getting spoiled!

The Fourth of July was UNREAL.  When we first bought this place, we asked where we should go for fireworks.  The answer was unanimous…. “Your Balcony”.  PCB has some organized displays, but the tourists on the beach really put on a show.  I can’t comprehend the money that’s spent!

We had a fun beach day, enjoyed lobster tails, snow crab legs, sweet corn and new potatoes on the balcony, then enjoyed almost 2 hours of non-stop fireworks.  (these bottom five pics were taken from our balcony….. no zooming….they basically explode right off of our 22nd floor!)