A Visit to the Jaw Man

FL was seen by the Maxillofacial Consultant yesterday.
The appointment was for 1.30pm, but we did not get out of there until gone 4pm.  It would be true to say that FL was in a foul temper by the end of it.
After a  very long wait and a very brief consultation with a young trainee doctor, FL was sent “on a route march” (his words) to the Dental School for an x-ray, because the hospital x-ray machine was broken.
Apparently, if I was not so stubborn, we could have taken the car from one building to the other and parked it there instead of walking.  Now… it did not even occur to me to take the car and if he suggested it, I missed the conversation.  I think it may have happened within his own head. Anyway, we would not have found a parking space at the main building when we returned.  And if he can walk round a golf course he can walk round a hospital?  It wasn’t raining?  Exercise is good for him?  But yeah, I am sure you can imagine how I felt when confronted by evidence of my stubborness following a conversation that never actually happened.  Sigh. Deep, deep sigh.
Another long wait when we returned to the main building.
And even after we were called into the Consulting Room, it was over half an hour before the Consultant got round to him.
The half hour in the Consulting Room was by far the worst aspect of the wait, because the young trainee and the nurse attempted to engage us in polite conversation… and if there is one thing that FL can’t stand it is “small talk”.  So he pretended to fall asleep.  This meant that they carried on talking, but at a level he could not hear properly, which was probably all the more infuriating.  Oh dear.
When the Consultant came, he was his usual wonderful professional calm and confident self, but FL was past caring and just wanted out of there.  It took a bit of effort to cajole him into explaining the history of the toothache, which he was by now dismissing as “nothing much”.
The upshot:  he has an “almost dead” tooth in his lower jaw.  It is too great a risk to remove it, as he already has bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis (BONJ) of the upper jaw… and the lower jaw is even more susceptible to this disease.  So the Consultant is going to write to his dentist to suggest they investigate putting in a filling.  But if he has any pain / swelling / infection he has to ring the hospital straightaway.
And if you don’t know what BONJ is, consider yourself fortunate and for heavens’ sake don’t google-image it.
Onwards and upwards.
A glass of wine and a lot of knitting later… and we are still friends.