A Visit From One of my Favorite People on Earth!

Dave is one of my dearest friends.  I first met him when I was 13 years old.  He was the advisor for the school’s ski club.  As a senior in High School, he was my Distributive Education teacher.  It was a vocational class concentrating on advertising and marketing.  
He was very much a mentor to me.  As far back as the mid-seventies, he taught me that “women’s lib movement” was nonsense.  “Nan…you don’t need an organization to get ahead!  You create your own reality!”.  
As far as the influential men in my life, I jumped from my father during childhood, to Dave in my school days, to a boss at my newspaper in Painesville, Ohio (Another Dave!), and then finally to my Dominic.  These 4 guys made me who I am today.
It was a very short 2 night visit, but a GREAT ONE!
He took me out for dinner to my 2 favorite places…. Dee’s Hangout and Los Rancheros.
We spent a day at Pier Park, and I drove him around town.  Went to Rock It Lanes and played video games.  Introduced him to the guys at Beach Bar and Package.  Had a ball!
Honestly, as he said goodbye and drove off, I almost had tears in my eyes.