A very rough morning.

Overnight he usually emails me.  My overnight crew do as well.  It makes me feel better when I wake up all anxious, to know that things are going along ok.  But nothing in the early morning hours.  I started panicking.  Tony did send a note saying all ok and that he had 2% left of battery life.  But he always says he’s ok, even when he’s not!  So, the anxiety began again.
When I got there he was wheezing terribly and cackling sounds in lungs.  His eyes looked red and feverish.  But no fever.  Coughed a bit of phlegm.  Doctors ordered the crew to come to his room for an xray. (we never did get results!) A lung specialist came by to see him.  An ICU rep came by to see if he needed to be in ICU for a bit.  (no)  And someone came by to take blood to check out the acid levels or something.  Can’t remember.  To rule out a blood infection as well.  Not sure why they’re doing this as he has no fever.  Must remember to ask the doctor tomorrow. Around 11am he fell asleep for about 1.5 hours.  Obviously a rest he so needed because when he awoke he was more alert and with it.  Breathing was a bit better.  Oh, I forgot! The doctors ordered two units of blood for his transfusion overnite and in the morning they gave him a diaretic to get rid of fluids.  Well, it all worked.  Just in time for his mom’s visit, cause he was great!
No appetite all day long.  Around 5ish he had some of his mom’s lunch and then around 8 had more food from family members.  YAY.  Appetite is back.  Good sign.
Plan is to heal from this pneumonia and return to day 1 of chemo.
Left him alone for the night.  We all need to rest.
All of us!