A Very Pleasant Thanksgiving

Hi gang!

Since the last post, we’ve had an emergency room visit, doctor appointments and a mold problem in PCB.

Thankfully, ALL IS WELL!

We had gone to Dom’s Oral Surgeon about the hard swelling on his jaw.  He determined that it wasn’t skeletal and sent us to the ER.  The ER doctor referred us to an Ear Nose Throat doctor.

This guy was GREAT.  He loaded Dom up with antibiotics and sent him home telling him to do mouth exercises.

It turned out that his muscles in his mouth basically “rebelled” against the dental work.

Dom is as good as new!

Skipping to Thanksgiving.  Cousin Joe and his wife Carina came over for a couple of nights.

She’s a lovely gal.

I made my normal menu featuring a 21# Martha Stewart roasted turkey.  Delish!

The 4 of us had a very pleasant couple of days.  Eating, sipping, shooting and playing games.