A Very Mellow Thanksgiving- Just the 2 of us.

Hello, gang-

Dom is doing very well.  He’s getting stronger by the day.  Still going to Physical Therapy three days per week.

He’s becoming very comfortable using his walker, driving his truck and walking outside in our yard (which has dips and holes) with the walker.

We finally see light at the end of the tunnel!


Thanksgiving was quite the change for us.  Other years, we’d have a houseful of friends on Thanksgiving day with the “party” lasting long into the weekend.

With things as they are here, I just wasn’t comfortable cooking and entertaining.  So, all of the usual suspects did their own thing.  Cooking for themselves, eating at family homes, etc.

Kind of a bummer not to be included.

HOWEVER, we had a lovely day.  😊

We picked up a couple of lovely filets, baking potatoes, and some baby bella mushrooms.

Had a delightful dinner-  just the two of us.

Hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!