A Turkey Ate My Homework!

Ok – so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted and I apologize.  From a MM standpoint I’m the same: in CR and my numbers are still going well.  I will begin my 10th cycle of maintenance Rev (15mg) soon.  I was supposed to start it last Monday but issues w/ renewing the prescrip w/ CVS, etc. caused me not to get the ‘scrip till yesterday.  Now the debate is whether to start today or tomorrow or wait and start on Monday to get back on my regular schedule.  There’s a few things to consider:
a) Rev is known to cause constipation – today is 25 November – that could be an issue.
b) If I start on a Thurs I need to have my bloodwork done and scrip renewed by Wed in order to receive the next dose on a Thurs for the next cycle.
c) If I postpone till Monday then my cycle has been 21 on and 14 off.

I’m opting for c) as I believe it gives me the best option to get back in the regular swing of things.

Now the original reason for this post was to simply say (to those in the US) Happy Thanksgiving!!!  For those outside of the States – Happy…Day!  Hope you have some turkey!

Think about what you’re thankful for and be happy!  I’m thankful for my kids (who want everything shown on every commercial for Christmas), my wife (who puts up with me in numerous ways), my Mom and Dad (one who wears the rose colored glasses and the other who balances the rose!), my relatives, my friends, the people reading this blog, and of course the docs, nurses and everyone else that’s gotten me to a wonderful place in the midst of this mess of a disease.  I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and am going to do my best to pass those thanks on!

Best wishes to everyone out there fighting this fight!  I hope everyone has the opportunity to be as thankful as I am!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Go eat some turkey!!!