A trip out …

….to the village art club exhibition and I am floored. (Not sure if that’s how its spelt but it will have to do) I was only out for half an hour. When I got home Pollyanna was here for a short visit. Bless her she looks so tired from working so hard. Just like her mum she is stretching herself to the max and is very passionate about working for the NHS. Toby also popped in for a quick visit but due to extreme fatigue and the background of continuous pain I couldn’t talk for long before becoming tearful and having to excuse myself for an afternoon sleep. Multiple Myeloma really sucks sometimes!

I have nothing planned for today or in fact the next few days but that’s OK with me at the moment I am appreciating the time to be able to rest before the next chemo onslaught.

I think I may however contact my pain nurse again today as I feel I need to get this pain better under control before it drives me crazy.

Mentally I think I am not doing too badly. I know that depression can play a big part in the Cancer journey but so far I think I am keeping it at bay. Oh I do have the odd moment when I think why me, and have a little cry at times when I feel frustrated by the little I can do, but I think that’s perfectly normal and acceptable for a person in my current position.

On Friday I have my evening event to look forward to, the Comet Awards ceremony. The dress code is smart attire so I had better try and dig something out of the back of my wardrobe as recently I have been living in my pyjamas or track suit. It starts early which is good I just hope I can stay awake until it finishes. If only I had some left over steroids to liven me up. Well just for your eyes and nobody else’s I did find a left over packet of ten steroid pills. The trouble is I have never been that much of a risk taker, having said that, I do take risks, especially in the work place, but they are always well calculated. I wouldn’t dare take a drug without the advice of somebody far more qualified than I am.

I wonder what your day has in stall? I have always been interested in other people’s jobs and once wanted to make a TV programme about me joining a lorry driver, pilot, politician etc for a day in the life of. This reminds me, some time ago I used to run a MAD (Making a Difference) group. You might think the name of this group sounds very politically incorrect but it pulled in the audiences I needed, which really mattered to me if we were going to make a difference to children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. I had up to 50+ professionals attending to find out more about mental ill health, share ideas and information about each others roles etc. It always included a day in the life of….a psychiatrist, psychologist, school nurse etc giving the audience a better understanding and respect for each others roles in improving children’s mental health. That brings back some memories I wonder if anyone reading this remembers coming along?

Another job idea I have had is sitting in a service station with Colin filming me interviewing people for perhaps just 5 minutes to find out where they are going and why. Perhaps it’s because I am just mega nosey!

I have also always loved the idea of working in advertising. Oh so many ideas to think about.

I may even get back to my painting or book writing today but first I think I need another nap, all this thinking is pretty exhausting.

Have a good one yourself

Deborah x