A Tornado Story

If you grow up in the Midwest, sooner or later you earn your own “tornado story.” Here’s my tornado story: When I was exactly one month old, a tornado hit Omaha. My parents lived in a trailer park at the time, so my mom threw me into the car (probably literally, because nobody knew about car seats in the Olden Times) and we raced to my great-grandmother’s house and hid in her basement.
Here’s Jay’s tornado story: He and his dad went to see “Return of the Jedi” at the movie theater. The tornado sirens went off, so the theater owners stopped the movie, and everyone had to walk across the street to a bar and go down to the basement. I don’t know if any of the adults took advantage of being in a bar. I would’ve.
And now, here’s WCK’s very own tornado story, recorded here for endless re-tellings: Today was the kindergarten field trip to the Kansas City Zoo. It started raining a little bit, so our group went into the lion building to eat our sack lunches. By the time we were done, it was raining a little more. And thundering. And then the tornado sirens went off. A zoo official came by and told us we couldn’t stay in the lion building, because it wasn’t safe. I guess that makes sense, because one wall was made entirely of glass, and there were, well, two lions on the other side. He told us we needed to get to the “boathouse”, and he made it sound like it was just around the corner. It was not. Like everything in the Kansas City Zoo, it was far, far away. (Official Kansas City Zoo Motto: “You’ll walk five miles between each animal, or your money back!”) So we went out into the rain, and we ran. I’m glad I’m in halfway decent shape, because we ran and ran and ran, through the rain and the thunder and the lightning, with kindergartners screaming the entire way. Finally we made it to the shelter, which was crammed with people, and we waited out the storm for about 45 minutes. When we got the all-clear, we emerged into the sunshine, and everything was fine.
There is is. WCK’s own tornado story. I’m glad she has one now, but I hope she never gets another one.