A Time for Healing

Healing takes place when the conditions are right, doesn’t this hold true for most if not all things? Let’s look at the conditions that enable healing to take place; Answer the following questions after deep contemplation, listening to inner feelings, you are after the unconscious answers. It is the unconscious that enables healing.
1. Desire – You must desire what you want. Write out what you want
2. What then? – If you had this goal fully and completely, what then?.
What then? What then?
3. Specific – Know exactly what you want. Look at what you wrote above. Imagine your goal with all your senses. See how you live with your goal. Notice the changes in your life as a result of achieving this goal. Do you still want it? If you had achieved your goal right now, would you keep it? would you continue to keep the goal for many years to come?.
4. Did any doubts or objections arise? If so write them down.
5. Importance – Rate how important your goal is to YOU, how badly do you want it? Give your goal an importance rating out of 100. First look at other goals you have achieved and not achieved in the past and rate them first. This way you your rating will be more accurate. Also when rating your goal, sit with eyes closed and imagine a gauge with the numbers from 0 to 100 and a red needle to indicate the importance. Now let the needle under the control of your unconscious mind tell you how important your goal is.
6. Urgency – Urgency magnifies importance. When do want the healing to begin? When do you want the healing to be completed by?
7. Realistic – Is your goal realistic and reasonable? Do you believe it to be attainable?
8. Motivation – Does your goal excite you? Does the thought of attaining your goal uplift you and fill you with passion?
9. Flexibility – Are you willing to modify your behavior to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work? Are you aware of where you are rigid in your behaviors and beliefs?
10. Permission – Are you allowed to have your goal?
11. Willingness – Are you willing to do what is necessary?
12. Beliefs – What beliefs are necessary to be a part of your new pathway (attaining and maintaining your goal?)
13. Limiting beliefs – What beliefs that you hold, will prevent you from attaining your goal?
14. Experiences – What experiences will maintain your goal attaining beliefs?
What experiences will maintain your present state/illness, limiting beliefs?
15. Action – All results are a result of actions. You have to work at it. Every day do actions that you know are beneficial to achieving your goal. List the actions you take. Congratulate yourself at the end of each day for the actions you took that day.
What do you need to do to have your goal?
16. Persistence – Constantly take the actions and effort to do what is necessary.
17. Space – Healing takes place in the empty space. Health fills the vacuum. Love the void and love will fill the void. Where can you create an internal space?
18. Meditation/self hypnosis – Communicate with your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is in control of the healing/illness system. The more you are in touch with the unconscious mind the better.
19. Fear – Eliminate (release) fear (not scaredness), have the courage to investigate your fears, and get help if necessary to release them. Do you fear yourself?
If you do, why?
20. Love – Love really does heal all. This maybe an overdone cliché, but nevertheless, it is absolutely true! Discover what love is. How was love demonstrated in your family as a child? What did you learn about love? Do you love yourself? What do you have to do to earn love, acceptance?
21. Release – Release, work through feelings of resentment, helplessness, hatred, anger etc, these are all valid emotions, but they create chemical toxins when they are repressed, as do all repressed feelings.
22. Commitment – 100% commitment means success. How can you raise your commitment to 100%?
What is preventing you from being 100% committed?
Healing a terminal or chronic illness is a matter of creating the correct conditions. The list above is helpful in aiding you to discover information about the correct conditions for you. Get uncomfortable, pry, ask, demand, seek, do!!! or be comfortable and not do. The choice is yours – be aware of the consequences.