A time for consideration

After a busy Christmas, we have got the house to ourselves again and that tends to lead to a bit of time to reflect.

This time last year, I found Christmas and New Year really really tough. As much as I knew that my transplant was unlikely to be an issue, you can’t help but worry going into something like that, and we just didn’t know how the pre-transplant treatment would affect me, or how long it would take me to get over the transplant. I remember writing Christmas cards and feeling fairly bitter with every one that I wrote Happy New Year in. Christmas was tricky as I felt so ill. And New Year. Well that was horrendous. We went to a party and both of us just knew we had to leave before midnight as I couldn’t pretend to be happy at midnight.

But this year feels very different. Despite being ill, I feel like I’ve not found Christmas emotionally draining at all. In fact, it’s actually been pretty enjoyable. And I don’t dread New Year either. Nick and I are just going to stay home and have it together, but I feel like there is still lots of opportunity for 2012 to be a good year. Assuming I can shake all the bugs and illnesses I’ve had recently anyway! I hope I still feel like this in a few days time, but it’s good to feel like it now anyway.

So I’m looking forward to a few days of playing on the Wii with the kids and having some fun. I don’t often do that and we’ve got a couple of days with nothing planned…..bliss!