‘A SUPER UPSETTING COOKBOOKABOUT SANDWICHES’ by Tyler Kord ,chef, at No.7 Sub ,is a hilarious book about ,well the title gives it away, sandwiches. Every recipe has a funny quip about something.

The recipes look fairly straight forward but I haven’t tried any yet. For his roast beef sandwich, he scandalizes the world of cooking by putting the beef in the crockpot. But then the recipe itself calls for putting ‘ the beef in a roasting pan ‘….So it’s a little unclear which method he actually wants you to use.  I might try the crockpot method since I’ve not had a lot of luck with the oven. 

So, I think this book has great sandwiches to try and there’s lots of funny stories to read too.

I received this book courtesy of bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinion.