A Summer Wardrobe

As I remarked the other day, summer has arrived in northern Scotland.  The schools are on holiday here, but not yet in England, a disjointed fact which never ceases to irritate me, just like the mismatched Bank Holidays.  Chit-chat around the office kettle is inevitably centred on summer plans.  Lots of complicated “We are driving down to X to fly to Y” scenarios.  Me?  3 nights in Hebden Bridge and a week near Gairloch, thanks!
I am struck by the number of women who buy a whole suitcase full of new clothes for their holidays. OK, so they may shop at Primark or Asda, but it sounds like my colleagues are using up their 25 a year in a single supermarket sweep!
I have never been one for “a fortnight in the sun” so it feels pretty alien to me to require a holiday wardrobe.  As a rule, I pack a spare pair of jeans, a couple of ts and an extra jumper.  I am precisely the target market for companies like White Stuff, who helpfully group the clothes in their catalogue into matching sets, and provide  “packing lists” on their website.  These days I am more likely to be enticed by Howies, who offer “Bundles” of simple low-impact coordinates, like organic cotton jeans and a t shirt, for a reduced price. But they are still made in China…
So, back to real life. I am charmed by 1950’s capsule wardrobe sewing patterns, intended for early jet-setters, or more likely Caravan Club members, heading off to Morecambe or Scarborough or Southend.  I look at these patterns and I can smell the candy-floss and salty breezes!  The pattern at the top of this post is just gorgeous (and available on Etsy if you are prepared to invest- it’s a collector’s item.  I don’t own it, or indeed any of the other patterns picured – tsk!)

But if the weather continues like this and we get a “proper summer”, who knows what might happen?  I am tempted to stitch a 50’s-style mini collection to wear to work.  No shorts or halter tops, obviously, but how about some cropped cotton trousers and a couple of airy shirts?  A sleeveless dress and jacket perhaps?  
And it would be fun.  FUN in the SUN!