A Season Of Thanks

I am constantly thanking my friends and family for their support and generosity as I continue with my fight; some of them will even be lucky enough to get some gooey messages during this festive season. I do apologise for this in advance. I can’t help it though, I have cancer.

I am more surprised by the kindness of people whom I do not know as well, whether they are friends of friends, the parents of my friends or my colleagues who send me an email when I have had good news, or who just let me know that I am in their thoughts, or who buy me lunch and keep be abreast of vital work information.

Last week, two such people were incredibly thoughtful and gave me presents. I am a self loving sort of gal, and thus, I am a fan of the present.

The first present, I was given on Tuesday, and I believe was very much purchased because of my lifelong love of the Barratt’s Dip Dab. I love them. They are so much better than the Barratt’s Sherbet Fountain. I ask you, does anybody really need liquorice in their lives if it is not a Rizla? The gift in question was a Dip Dab mug containing three Dip Dabs. To date, I have eaten one. The photograph below is a photograph of me enjoying my mug in my bed. Nobody needs to see a photograph of me sucking a lollipop.


I wrote a lovely email thanking Sally for my delightful gift, but it bounced back because our work email system is either stupid or secure, depending on your perspective. So, Sally, this is me thanking you.

The next gift, was in Christmas wrapping, but I just could not help myself. I could also smell the lavender oozing through the red tissue paper and I was intrigued. Inside the red tissue paper was a handmade scented pillow. Fortunately, one of my favourite smells, after EMan’s paw, is lavender. I promptly placed the pillow in my room, which meant that when I awoke on Sunday morning, my room smelt of lavender and not the usual Emma mould. Bonus!


The best bit about Lisa’s present was the branding. As well as loving myself, I love my name in all its various forms, so the back of the pillow just tipped me over the edge.


So, to Sally, Lisa, Ray Winstone and all the other people who have never met EMan, I thank you. You brighten my twilight.