A scoundrel?

I read this from the workbook on faith, a comment on Jacob of the bible. “He is such a cheat and scoundrel”, (he deceived his father and stole the birthright of his brother). Why is he in the hall of faith (Hebrews 11)?
I thought the response given by B Knuckles is worthy of consideration. 
“Where do you get the idea what human beings are supposed to be? You begin with an image that they should be 100 percent perfect, and if they are anything less, they’re worthless. I think GOD starts at a very different place with us. He begins at zero, for He knows who we truly are. Then with every step we make on His direction, He is cheering for us,”
This is the mystery of grace. 
After tracing Jacob’s life in Genesis 28,32,35; we see that ultimately, GOD focused on who He called Jacob to be rather than who or what Jacob had been. 

Thus even a scoundrel or a cheat, GOD can use when it is a life transformed by GOD’s amazing grace. Who then are we to judge or condemn?