A Rush For Treatment

For a short time now Hamada has been having problems with his toe nails and I have insisted he show these to the nurse at MM clinic. She recommended good massage to what first looked like dry and flaky nails. This week Hamada woke during the night in much pain, when I looked at his feet I could see that most of the nails on one foot and some on the other foot were curling, very inflamed and one toe looked as if it was turning black in colour. This immediately alarmed me. I bathed his feet in quite hot water rubbed them with E45 and a little antiseptic cream and bandaged the infected one. The next morning I called and made an immediate appointment with our local GP. He has now given Hamada some antibiotics – suitable for someone with Kidney failure and some thick antibiotic cream to be applied twice a day. He mentioned something about being common with MM sufferers due to a low defence against these sort of infections. Someone also recommend tea-tree oil so I will apply some of that also, in between cream massages. I was surprised at how bad Hamada’s feet have become and it does seem to have happened quickly. I should have noticed this and feel somewhat guilty that it managed to get to a bad painful toe. Oh well at least I hope we have caught it in time.
I feel like hiding, just like the bug above, in my rose photo!