A Rather Challenging Morning

Well starting on the slide downhill for a week or so, so just a quickie report.

Haven’t slept well – mucositis in oesophagus now and so burning pain all down chest. Trying various things, but it will get worse. Just had anti-nausea pill – is important to ask for these before you feel really horrid.

Well nearly passed out in the shower this morning – no seats in them which is bad. My platelets and fluids are low so not surprising. I’ll be sitting on a plastic chair in future (as well as complaining about the lack of seats!).

Also had a couple of minor ‘soiling incidents’ which can happen as the runs set in – so now have huge pad on – feel like a large baby.

Consultant ordered lots of cultures to be taken and precautionary antibiotics – all par for the course these days. So lost the usual gallon of blood to test tubes.

I’m very shaky but hoping to buck up once platelets arrive. Bob will hopefully be coming this afternoon with newspapers and spare knickers!!

If you are someone coming up to your first transplant – don’t be too put off by this. You will feel like death for what seems an interminable age, and completely helpless, but you just have to put yourself into the hands of these experts and remember that all of this could give you a nice period of remission at the end of it. Just don’t expect to bounce back too quickly.

Remember btw that mine is an allo transplant not an auto and obviously they have different side effects and issues.