A Quick Update

Here’s just a quick update regarding my last post:

1.  I don’t have Parvo!  Or any number of strange wacky viruses I was tested for. My general feeling bad is most likely due to diet change (I can’t seem to stomach veggies right now. Protein is very hit-and-miss. That leaves carbs and sugar….and that’s what I’m living on. Very un-health coach, but I have to eat).

2.  The booby lumps are nothing of concern!  THANK HEAVENS!  Dr. B said in his German accent, ‘You have brown fat!  Brown athletic fat!  Normal!’  I said, ‘Dr. B, are you SURE??’  With a snarl plastered on his face and using his best southern American drawl he replied, ‘Yes, I’m SURE!’  Love that man!

3.  I am advancing towards complete remission!!  The majority of my lesions have shrunk and some have even disappeared!  Praise God!!  All but one of my major markers are within normal limits. Now we just keep them there and focus on my M-spike. I NEED to bring it from 0.5 to 0.0, and I need it to stay there…for forever!  The myeloma numbers in my bone marrow went from 65-70% to ‘no more than 5%’!  This is all such good news.

4. Chemo starts this morning.  I’ve already taken my 40mg of Dex. I’m waiting to be called back for infusions of apprx. 7 different prophylactics plus 2 infused chemo drugs and lastly I will be hooked up to my 24 hour chemo bag comprised of another 4 chemo drugs. Yippee!!

My chemo is over in 11 days. I can do this! Any unconventional nausea hints will be appreciated! Nothing seems to help but it will be better than last time. I’m not afraid;)

‘The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’ Psalm 27