A Patient Update

Dom will be finishing his 4th week of Chemo on Friday…. then off for an entire week.

This Velcade and Revlimid have been tough on the poor guy.  His blood pressure got very low, so he cut way back yesterday.

Needless to say, heads exploded at the Cancer Center today.

So…. tomorrow, our ONLY day off this week, we’re headed BACK to Slidell to see our Dr. Culasso…  to get a handle on his blood pressure and our annual check-ups.

We have an appointment at our Tulane Oncologist, Dr. Safah on Thursday.  She’s the one who’s calling the shots.  Slidell is much more convenient for us, but Tulane will be harvesting the Stem Cells and performing the transplant.

Dom gets SO tired, has dizzy spells, has to lay down at times.  This has been rough on him.  The Thalidomide 9 years ago was like a walk in the park compared to this.  (Of course, he’s 9 years older, too!)

So… thanks for your continued prayers and positive vibes.  We’ll take whatever we can get!