A note to those with MCS

This post is specifically for folks with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).  Aack, as if it wasn’t bad enough to have one diagnosis with “Multiple” in the name, now I have two!  Could I not have something single?  Actually, I do, as Multiple Myeloma starts out as something called MGUS which stands for Monoclonal Gammopathy of Uncertain Significance.  (mono means single)  It is a protein spike in one of the single protein bands in the blood, which indicates excess plasma cells cloning themselves out of control.  It is also known as “simmering or smouldering myeloma”.  The ‘Uncertain Significance’ basically means they don’t have a flippin clue what causes it or how to deal with it.

As you know, we have broken detox pathways or we wouldn’t be dealing with MCS in the first place.  Myeloma is a cancer which is related to toxins in the body.  Please take a moment and watch this little video clip from Dr. Majid Ali, one of my guiding light doctors, about the diagnosis of MGUS.  It is from this that I learned that detoxification is the key to getting rid of myeloma.  (Dr. Ali predicted that a lot of the 9/11 “first responders” would come down with myeloma because of what they got exposed to, and he was right.)


I first found out that I had this precursor condition to myeloma, MGUS, when a doctor was doing routine blood work to search for a cause of the peripheral neuropathy in my feet.  At the time I didn’t take it too terribly seriously as it was yet another thing to be dealt with in the far distant future.  Though it was a bit daunting to be told to go see an oncologist to have it monitored — walking through the doors of the Swedish Cancer Institute for the first time is a sobering experience, even if you’re not dying at the moment.  All they do in the early stages is “watch and wait” and monitor it with a blood test a few times a year, to see if it gets worse.

Well, my advice to anyone reading this with MCS is to find a neurologist or oncologist and get a blood test for MGUS (they will know what this is, and it’s an easy blood test to have done).  If you have any elevation at all, you are in the very early beginning stages of smouldering myeloma and it would be of great importance to address detoxification now.  Do not wait until years later when it has developed into full blown myeloma. 

Do a yearly cleansing regime or two, read Sherry Rogers’ Detoxify or Die and do what she says, adopt some of Dr. Ali’s ideas on detox, do colonics, whatever it takes to clean your system out really well and keep it that way.  Also work on unblocking the methylation pathway, since with a jammed up methylation pathway you can’t detoxify properly — read Amy Yasko or Neil Nathan about this, and find a practitioner who can help.  (This last thing is cutting edge genetic stuff and wasn’t even around ten years ago.)  I truly believe that if I had been addressing detox the whole time I’ve had MCS (19 years now) I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.  I was always waiting for “safe housing” to manifest before beginning any detox.  (Ha!  19 years later, and still waiting on that one.)

This is probably really good advice for everyone else also, to avoid other types of cancer and the inevitable nasty illnesses that result from all the toxicity in our environment these days.  Detox is a huge subject, there’s a lot to learn, and you have to be kind of careful when you have MCS or you can make yourself a lot sicker, since we don’t process it out as easily as most do.  But for me, at least, it’s time to get started on this, and hopefully for you, too.  I’ll be making another post soon about what I’ve done in the natural supplement/detox realm, but that’s a subject for another day.

Love to you all, I’m out to take a walk now (oxygen from exercise is an excellent detoxer!).