A "Normal" Day…..

Wow….I think I just had a “normal” day! Pinch me….am I dreaming? I met Ashley at 10:30 am at the car place, as I gave her my old station wagon, and it needed a new gas filter and a shot of freon for the AC, especially right now in this unforgiving heat we are having. On Saturday when I gave her the car, we had gone to the oil change place and had that done and they told me it needed a new gas filter, but they charge up the wazoo for stuff like that, so I didn’t want to have it done there because I have a guy that works on my cars and he did it like $24 cheaper today. So I met her up there, and then went to pay my property taxes, mailed something at the post office and then we came home and chilled for awhile. Later on, we went to pick up the car and I was in the mood for an IHOP crepe so we stopped and had an early dinner there and then came back home and she then drove back to her house in Daytona. See what I mean? It was normal! I’m not draggin butt…..feeling damn good actually, so I continue to be amazed at how a lack of those little red blood cells can wreak so much havoc in your body, and for the length of time it can last. For 3 whole weeks I thought I was slowly dying. It really felt that way. I finally scheduled my bone marrow biopsy for next Tuesday at 11:00 AM, but I have to be there at 9:00 AM as it is considered an outpatient surgery so you get assigned your little room and they start the IV’s…..you know the drill, and then will have the biopsy and go into the recovery room afterwards. I can drive myself for the pre-appt on Monday to do the paperwork etc, but can’t drive myself the day of the procedure because I will be having anesthesia. Hey Bobbie,( or Lissa to tell your mom), if you’re reading this…and….if you aren’t doing anything next Tues, come take me (aren’t I getting better at asking for help?) LOL…. for my biopsy as there will be plenty of “down time” and we can be together the whole afternoon. Give me a holler and let me know if you’re free that day and can take me, otherwise mom said she will. Other than that, I’m excited about getting this scheduled, so then I can begin my new IV chemo Velcade the Thursday after the biopsy and hopefully get the ball rolling on decreasing these pesky MM cells floating around and being a pain in my ass and interfering in my life. Just everyone keep your fingers crossed the RBC hold steady and I feel this good when I go in for the procedure :) Now that would be awesome.