A New Year

I passed without noticing the 6th anniversary of my first bone marrow aspirate. I got to put off yesterdays aspirate through no divine providence but the typical intricately complicated and rigid guidelines of my next clinical trial. All such inconveniences must be done within 3 days of starting the trial (Jan 4th). Monday will therefore be most engaging. I have to admit Tuesday albeit most likely boring is scary. I’d like to keep my hair and the food that I eat in my stomach.
On another thought the past 6 years have been the most transforming of my life. Not of course without a high cost mostly to those that love and support me. Change is rough at times but I think watching it is much more difficult than experiencing it. I can not know what others feel only bow in humility to their willingness to watch. To all of you I am thankful for yet another year to look forward to.