A New Year…. New Adventures!

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted.  That is an indication of how well life is going.  Life has resumed to it’s busy pace.  Lately it has been hard to carve out some quiet time to myself to reflect and to write.  Today before the kids rushed off to school I was giving them all a lecture about being responsible for their gloves, hats, etc.  Yup the small stuff matters again, yeah!

The holidays this year were wonderful.  It was great to be my energetic self again.  I cherished every moment of decorating the house, picking out special presents, the wrapping and of course all of the baking.  The smells and sounds of Christmas that fill our home is absolute heaven!  After being so sick last year, it was so great to have a big hand in creating the “magic” of Christmas!

After the holidays, as I was packing up all many boxes of decorations, I couldn’t help think what next Christmas may bring.  I can only hope and pray that life continues to blossom and that we will be all together celebrating.

In my previous posts you may have read how my friend Suzi and I won VIP Tickets to the Ellen Show at the MMRF Fall Gala in October.  Well the time has finally come and we are flying out to California on Friday.  We are so excited!  It is so funny how irony works.  When I first got diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in June 2010, Suzi wrote to the Ellen Show.  She shared my story and all the efforts we have been making with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  Although we never heard back from anyone from the show, I believe it planted the seed for what was to come.  So in October at the Gala when Suzi and I saw the auction item for the The Ellen Show, we knew we had to bid.  When we found out we won the tickets we were so thrilled!

We are not quite sure what VIP tickets mean.  What we do know is that we will be at the studio on Monday, January, 23 for the taping of her show.  I think it may air on Tuesday, Jan. 24.  We hope we get the chance to meet her.  The MMRF is putting together a fun package that we can hopefully give to Ellen personally.  I will be sure to post lots of pictures!  Look for Suz and I dancing in the audience!

In addition to getting ready for my trip I am in week 14 of my training for the Boston Marathon.  This Friday Suz and I will be doing our long 12 mile run in California!  It’s been so cold around here lately so we have had to run indoors.  It will be so great to run outside!  I think we will definitely make it a nice coastal run!  Hard to believe race day is only 88 days away.  This time around, I am following a comprehensive running/strength training schedule from the book The Marathon Method, by Tom Holland.    Hopefully being better prepared in my training as well as with my nutrition and fueling I will avoid the medical tent this race!

Please click on the link to visit my fundraising page.  We are running as part of the MMRF PowerTeam!  My fundraising goal is $4000.00  I appreciate any contributions!  If you would like to honor a loved one who is battling cancer today or has lost the big fight, please sponsor me a $1 per mile for the big day, and  I will wear your loved one’s name on my running shirt!


I will keep you all posted with our adventures in California.  Now time to figure out what to pack!  Have a great day!