A new look at what it may mean to DOMINATE

A recent blogpost from my close friend and business partner (read here) has my wheels spinning, which is nothing new, but it has me rethinking my approach to DOMINATION. While in heavy treatment, filled with uncertainty in terms of what the outcome would be, I advocated that people live passionately….that you choose to #dominateLife.

I still live with that same conviction that we are called to #dominateLife, but thanks to the wisdom I got from this blogpost, I see extreme value in doing the same thing every day if you want to dominate.

That sounds extremely boring to a guy like me with a personality to create new everyday. BUT, as I look back on 3.5 years of chemo, I can’t say it was the big bang bone marrow transplants that alone dominated Myeloma. It was the consistent approach to popping pills, going to my infusion appointments and keeping a positive attitude each day filled the support and love of many.

Hmmmmm….what would my life look like if I did one small act, every day, for the next ten years. What would you do? What if I ran 1 mile every day, versus trying to muster up the emotional energy to run 3 miles 3 times per week?  What if you started to be a little more grateful each day, open doors for the people behind you or just focus on not doing something each day?

I didn’t become a great kicker over night. I doubt there were many high school kickers that kicked many more balls than I did. I probably kicked more days than any other kicker. Hmmmmmm. The formula may be less about have extreme passion and greater will than others and more about slowing down, being consistent and persistent….and enjoying the ride.

Keep dominating….