A miracle has happened,

Now I knew my sister was good, it does after all run in the genes, but I didn’t think she was that good. Yesterday morning she kindly offered to take me out. Getting out is good, but not wanting to over do things because of the recent pain I had been experiencing, the idea was, just to pop into Dunelm’s for a few bits and pieces. We must have spent over an hour in there but we both came out with some purchases and by that time, I was starting to flag. I did however spot a Laura Ashley shop across the road. Head over body won, and as I hadn’t managed to find the bedding I was after we thought we would just pop in there. Now as some of you may know Kate (like my self but I’m not nearly as good) has studied hypnotherapy among many other things, and I think she may have worked some of her magic on me in the short drive over to the said shop. Whilst browsing the duvet covers, Kate held up a lovely little number which I thought she might have been suggesting would suit me, but instead it was something she rather fancied herself and then that was it. It was like a chapter out of a Jane Green novel. Two sisters grabbing as many clothes as their arms could hold, sneaking past the 3 only items assistant into the large disabled changing room. Here one rather larger and balder than the other sister scrambled in and out of clothes looking enviously on to her younger sister slipping dresses over her head with ease and admiring her perfect figure and shiny hair in the large dressing room mirror. There is no doubt she looked amazing, there were however quite a few pieces that although I say it myself, I didn’t look too bad in, in fact I would say I looked pretty good and Kate kindly agreed. We must have tried on over 30 items of clothing each, before heading to the till were Kate insisted on saying that these were her treat. Well I think we ought to do this more often as I had forgotten about any pain and surprisingly enough, have not experienced the pain, at least at the level it was previously, since! I have increased my Amitriptyline by 10mg but I am convinced it was something Kate did that made all the difference. So thank you so much Kate and if anyone else reading this, would like to find out more about the coaching sessions, hypnotherapy,or company training on communication skills Kate offers just drop me a line and I will put you in touch with her.

Well now with my new found pain free body, well almost, I can enjoy the moment and look positively forward at all the opportunities that lie ahead. I am convinced I have turned a corner, the only problem is what do I tell the hospice who are due to have me in on Monday for pain management?

Have a good Sunday as I surely will.

Love a very delighted Deborah.
Ps Having Cancer is one thing but experiencing the level of pain I did was just taking the Micky!