A Me-Made Weekend Garden Tour

FL:  Are you going into town like that?
Me:  Mmm hmm…
FL:  Ha!  You’re brave!

May 4th 2013
Happiness rating: Sky-high
Temperature: 9C
Sources of Happiness:  That would be the PINK!  And that even though the shirt is not me-made it is organic denim (Howies) found second-hand on ebay for peanuts.  And the shoes are Eco-Sneaks, made entirely from repurposed materials – high five, ethical peeps!
Me-made:  Pink cord Betsey Johnson pattern trousers, Butterick 3289
and my Dotty Socks.

And then there was gardening… NOT in my best pink trousers!
Pretty much everything has died over the winter… except the weeds.
I need help and I am willing to pay for it.  Hard digging is beyond me.

Sink-based gardening is much more manageable!
These are at the side of the house.

 Mama Duck has moved house.
I think she may have taken the kids down to the pond to meet daddy.

 Everything looks better when the sun shines!

The farmer has been in spraying the fields.  I disapprove of chemical weedkillers, but it’s not up to me.
I don’t usually show this view.  The ricketty fence encloses my herb garden.  That gravelled area on the right belongs to the neighbours, 3 sets of them.  So my weedy garden is basically right beside their front doors.  Oops!

And this is MY front garden! ; )