A Lighter Head

Friday already?
I made it to work every day this week, despite snow and a heavy cold.  I have been coming home and collapsing straight into bed after dinner.  But I think I am almost over it – hooray!
FL is still coughing.  He is not happy.

But… I got my hair cut and feel a lot better for that – yay!  This was my main motivation in making that 6th attempt to get my car up the snow-laden hill on Wednesday! My next step will be to open the packet of Violet Vendetta hair dye.  I kid you not!  Have you seen Rachel Herron’s hair?  Love it!

The new Boden catalogue is amusing me greatly.  I think they have been digging through my fabric store for inspiration!
Neon yellow and grey striped t-shirt?  In my stash!
Broderie, contrast cotton-lined skirt?  In my stash!
Orange dress?  In my stash!
Lots of lovely shoes and some more realistic prices this season – at last!
Orange patent penny loafers are very appealing… and I can’t sew my own ;)

But best of all, the fresh colours (turquoise!  orange!  lemon!) and retro vibe of that catalogue has reminded me that I have a whole heap of vintage patterns that I want to sew.  Yeah, I know I said I thought I was “over” the vintage look, but I was wrong.  I was just looking at them in too literal a way.  So watch this space – some sewing may be on its way! :D

But tomorrow is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, so there won’t be much sewing this weekend.  I am zooming down by train, there and back in one day.  Christine and I will be knitting all the way!
I am meeting my mother there, which will inhibit my stash-enhancement activities but won’t prevent me from eating cake.  Say hello if you see me!