a jungle out there

T loves to sit with me on the armchair. We like to look out to the garden and beyond – which is a large expanse of greenery. After this green belt is the PIE (Pan Island Expressway) – this green belt keeps down the noise and exhaust pollution from the houses situated over this side of the greenery. And for the last 12 years we are thankful that this patch land has been kept as it is and even happier that more trees have been planted.

For grandson and I, we call it our “jungle” where blue elephants and monkeys roam. Real monkeys….yes… especially after rainy days, we see hordes of them gingerly clambering along our fence, making their way towards nearby Rifle Range Road which borders the Bukit Timah Forest Reserve. Sometimes they sit on the roof of our patio, on several occasions they would “play” and rummage the cushions of our outdoor settee. We stay clear from these monkeys, especially the male adults can be rather fierce and aggressive. Starring at them is a no, no…. we have been told by the Environment Agency. And of course T is not allowed outdoors without adult supervision.

So, yes… we have a jungle out there!
Blue elephants too…. ah …we hear their grunts (the traffic from PIE) … they hide behind those huge Royal Palms.