A great time was had..

…by all at yesterday’s family lunch. Granny made a lovely cake and we all mucked in preparing the rest of the lunch or entertaining Elliot. Eliot was once again the star of the show as we tried to relive our own family memories by making camps out of sheets in the garden, enjoyed more by us than Elliot I think. I felt as if a fog had been lifted which I think is something to do with swapping over to the Fenytl patches. Both Mum and Colin and later his parents commented on the change. Much of the afternoon was spent sleeping

Today we will spend preparing our motorhome for our trip to Dronfield, to see Aunty Judy, Uncle Ken and hopefully my cousin Matthew. This will be very exciting as I haven’t seen them for quite a while and it will be good to catch up.

Fingers crossed the new pain relieving patches will continue to do their job and in between times Oromorph and I are getting closer, on Louise’s recommendation.

Have a good day to you all

Deborah xxx