A great day was had in Bordeaux…

…and I feel very proud of myself for cycling there and back without too much difficulty. What was meant to be a 20 min cycle ride did however, take us an hour and a half to get there and an hour to get back due to us getting lost somehow. All in all I cycled 7 miles today. Best of all I got to meet up with my uncle Jeremy and his wife and meet their lovely friends Judy and Eric. So we shared a very delicious lunch with two judges, a magistrate and barrister. They really were the best of company as they told their interesting tales of being in court. I feel very proud of Katina for completing the 42km along with her very young looking sixty one year old friend. Jeremy didn’t do too badly either completing half of it this year and planning to run the whole 42km next year. Apparently the route runs through 55 vineyards with wine tasting along the way. Here is a picture of us all together with another runner who also completed the marathon with her dog Rita.
Tomorrow we shall start to meander our way back up the country. And who knows where we will find ourselves stopping along the way.
Deborah x