A good week

Sometimes, the more you have on your plate, the more you accomplish!
Tony has been home now since Sunday.  We’ve both been really catching up on sleep and resting.  I haven’t really done much work, although there’s lots to do.

Monday was the first day for Home Care to visit.  They have to give him Neupogen, which boosts his white blood cells for five days straight with a needle.  They check his temperature, blood pressure and change the dressings on the PICC line (IV) and his nephrostomy bandages.
The first nurse was not a good one.  She said his blood pressure was 160/100.  Temperature was 37.4 and his wound on one of the nephrostomys looked infected…..holy smokes!  She left the house around 1:30-2:00.  I just looked at Tony and said, let’s go to emerg.  Oncology clinic is open till 4:00 and the nurse practitioner that looked after him for 4 weeks is in till 4:00.  So off we went.  (keep in mind that I had to go to the hospital at 10am to pick up his prescription for the needle that same morning)
While in Emergency, during the Triage meeting, the nurse practitioner returned my call.  She freaked out.  Said she was on her way downstairs to us.  Found a room immediately.  Looked at his wound and his vital signs and said go home.  You’re fine.  No infection.  Holy smokes!  So back home we go.  I guess it was better to be safe than sorry.
Five needles later, he continues to gain more strength.  Breathing is good.  Human plumbing system is working normally.  He is talking like the Tony I know and love.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Time to relax and enjoy life.