A Frightening Couple of Weeks

Hi gang-

Things are kind of “gloom and doom” here.

For 6 years, Dom had a ZERO M-Spike.  Last summer, it jumped up to .3 and stayed there for almost a year.

3 months ago, it jumped up to .6

Most recently, it was at .8

Our Slidell doctor “signed off on it”.  I guess he had a “wait and see” attitude.

I went to PCB for a week.  Dom was supposed to join me on June 30th for the holiday weekend.

He got a call saying that our Dr. Safah at Tulane wanted him to have a bone marrow biopsy.

I immediately came home.  (I like that she’s pro-active…. if something happens, we’ll blow off the local guy and go back to NOLA).  The reason we started seeing the Slidell guy was out of convenience.

We spent most of the day at Slidell Memorial Hospital yesterday.  Appointment for 11am, biopsy at 1 pm, then 2 hours in his room before they let us leave.

We’ll hear something late next week.  Please keep Dom in your prayers.