A freaky Halloween

Well, the kids are off school for the second day. A freak snowstorm on Saturday while the leaves were
still on the trees had/has many of us with no power and the kids trick or treated yesterday climbing over snow
mounds and tree limbs. They worked for their candy this year. The scariest thing is that Olivia had a dream
Friday night that a tree fell and crashed through our rental house. Well, I wish she could have dreamt that I
won the 200 million dollar power ball lottery, ’cause I would have much rather gotten that news Sat. evening
than the news I got, which was……………………you guessed it, a tree fell and part of it came into the diningroom of our rental with our favorite tenant just 8 feet away in the kitchen. Perfect ending to a crazy week. OUr tenant is fine and the coolest woman ever.