A fluctuation?

Hi, Everyone:

My Urologist’s office called a few days ago with test results; PSA (Prostate cancer indicators) remains undetectable.  My Oncologist’s office called today with test results for the Multiple Myeloma cancer.  My Spep number has crept up.  It’s now 1.0, in August and September it was .08, but in July it was 1.1.  Hopefully this is just a small fluctuation.  It appears that 1.5 is the, “Something may be happening” number, and 2.5 is the, “Time to Get Serious” number.  If I’m still in your prayers, I thank you for that.

March 17th will be one year since my prostate surgery.  I had the one year visit with the Urologist; they took blood and urine to for testing.  I suggested to the young lady taking my blood that she just leave the needle in when she’s finished and just tape it off, I will have another blood draw tomorrow.  She smiled at the thought.

The doc and I discussed how I was doing, and he said again how important it was for me to keep taking the Viagra he prescribed.  I reminded him that it’s expensive and my insurance won’t cover “those kinds” of prescriptions, regardless of the cause.  He said men should organize and rise up (so to speak) against the insurance companies and get that changed, like birth control was.  He gave me a sample box of Cialis.

On the way down from the doctor’s office, the elevator stopped and an old guy and his daughter got in.  They were discussing his diagnosis, and he asked loudly, “What did they say I have…. Schizophrenia?”  He laughed at his own joke, I joined him.  On the ground floor the doors opened again and I hesitated as to let the lady through first.  She glanced at the papers and Cialis box in my hand and said, “Cialis?  Good luck….”  I looked at her and thought huh?  As she walked out she continued, “Don’t worry, you will quit smoking.”

Final MXU

That’s me at work, ceremoniously installing the final MXU making all of our town’s water meters radio read.