A First Anniversary

April 16th marks my 1-year anniversary of being diagnosed with stage I multiple myeloma (15% plasma cells). On the drive to my oncologist, I told my wife I was making a choice to remain positive should I receive bad news. During the past year, I’ve been able to maintain a positive and fairly relaxed outlook in my health situation. Although I wake up every morning and remember I have cancer, I often forget about it as the day progresses. I am very thankful the disease has stayed at stage I, and I hope I get to make a similar post a year from now. Heck… 30 years from now, really!

The year has flown by, reminding me about the importance of enjoying each day, the simple things in life, my wife and family, and my addiction to electronic gadgets. I haven’t gotten the iPad yet, but man-o-man, I am tempted. I’ve also taken the plunge and renewed my MacWorld subscription for 2 more years. That’s optimism.

So what am I doing to celebrate this big event? A blood work appointment in the morning.