A Finishing-Off Day

I was rather ambitious when I packed for my holiday…
Did I really think I could work my way through all these books?
Today I hope to finish reading Romany and Tom and The Road to Middlemarch.
The end is nigh for both of these.
Romany and Tom is desperately sad reading:  Ben Watt recounts his parents’ lives from the perspective of their final years.  Possibly not the best choice of book at this point in my life with FL.  But it has given me plenty to think about.  Just don’t get old – that’s the answer kids!
The Road to Middlemarch is a lighter read but again is all about age and the stages of a person’s life, set against the perspective of George Eliot’s  novel, which I love.
Phew!  I don’t half pick ’em!
Next?  Probably Rachel Herron‘s latest:  Pack Up The Moon.  For a bit of light relief.

But right now I have a dress to work on.

I am rather grumpy to notice that the lightest-grey cat on the right has fallen out of alignment and you can see his whole head below the waistband:  all the others have their heads tucked under.
How did this happen?  I was absolutely meticulous with my cutting, so perhaps my stitching is off.
I shall investigate.  I am not saying I will unpick it… but I feel the need to check it out.
I just have the facings to stitch down and the hem to sew.
I still can’t decide whether or not to line the skirt section.  It is pretty heavy cotton so may not need it.  I will have to experiment with tights.  I can’t stand dresses that creep up my legs as I walk.

See that jug in the photo?
It lives in the holiday house.  I was so tempted to ask the owner if I could buy it from her.  I know that it is “collectable” and I found it in the depths of a cupboard, obviously ignored and unloved.  Every time we go to this house (4 times now?), it is the first thing I look for.  This time, thinking we would never be back there again, I developed an obsession about “rescuing” it.
But in the end, I managed to let it go.
I don’t do “stuff”. 
I don’t need a jug.
It belongs there.
Move on, Roo!