A file full of kindness

I wrote a card for a friend in hospital recently.

file full of kindness

This caused me to remember – I received lots of cards and letters of encouragement – full of kindness. The thick file is literally full, every slot. Almost at 5 years to diagnosis, I cannot forget the good that these friends and family members did, by sending me cheer in this way. P kept many, many family and friends away from visiting because I was really not up to receiving and talking to anyone (talking tired me) and of course my immunity was low. Though when I was better, I did see some friends.

Looking through this file, there were certain friends who conscientiously wrote to encourage me and it really helped me alot. They did not stop – my illness dragged on for quite some time. From them, I learnt how to write encouragement to others who are sick. It is not just the physical body that becomes sick but the mental state is also affected and must be cared for.

There is this friend who not only regularly sent me, cards and little notes, she would put a little tube of hand cream with it, or something small that I can handle, it was useful and  practical. That little something always and definitely put a smile on my face. She knows I have no need for more creams or such ( I did use them ), but really it is this kind desire to cheer me, that is her true intent. I will always treasure this special friend for her thoughtfulness. From her, I learnt to do the same.

handwritten note

But I must add that I am always thrilled, to see her handwritten note. She has the most beautiful handwriting. Just looking at her writing also cheers me. Even the paper written on, was specially chosen! Nowadays we tend to just write an email, worst still, a short sms ( I confess I am guilty!!). Let us bring back the art of writing. This special effort surely brings the love across closer to the heart.