A Fall

Grrr… we are not supposed to have sheep…!

So much for a quiet weekend for FL.
It was an eventful night.
He had several episodes of D and V, so was issued with what he is calling “Japanese pants”:  made of nylon net, with a disposable nappy arrangement inside. ( I think he is referencing the simple garment issued to WW2 prisoners of war. )
This was all humiliating enough for him, but at 10am he tried to get to the loo on his own (forbidden!) and forgot he had a drip in his arm, so fell badly, taking the stand with him, unplugging the saline solution… and had another dose of D and V in the process.
I arrived shortly after. Painkillers were just being given and the doctor had been called. 
Ironically, he was much more awake today. He is still not eating but is being encouraged to drink.
The pain in his bruised (or possibly fractured) ribs is now the main worry.
Prior to that, his sickness was causing concern as it was blood-stained.
My poor darling is having a terrible time of it. 

He has gone through all his pjs and trousers, so I will have to get them washed and back to him asap.
The (lovely) doctor examined FL, ever so gently and kindly, and concluded that he has “done a couple of ribs”. Oh lordy.  FL’s rib cage is peppered with myeloma lesions, so is very fragile.
There was a very worrying time when a “sounding” of FL’s lungs suggested that he might have sustained an even more serious injury.  However, on a second examination, the doctor was reassuring. 
FL is too frail to consider any intervention. He just needs to rest and ask for painkillers as required.
He said that he had missed me so much in the night… oh my dearest!  It is so poignant that he is able to communicate with me properly again and yet for his words to be so full of sadness and pain.
I may need to consider arranging a foster carer for the dog so I can stay in the hospice with FL. There is a fold-out bed in his room, for just such eventualities.

Meantime, back home on the farm, Hero and I had some unexpected guests this morning.  Next door’s sheep decided the grass was greener on this side of the fence.  Grrrr….!