A Dom Update – Bed during the weekend, then back at it.

He had been feeling very weak and woozy since last week.  He basically spent the weekend in bed.

On Monday, we headed into Bogalusa to have his weekly blood work done.  I dropped him off at the door to shop and returned to find out that he couldn’t make the walk to the lab.  They kindly gave him a wheelchair.

Yesterday was a FULL day.  He had an MRI appointment at 11:30 at the hospital.  Then, the Cancer Center nurse asked us to come right over.  She had looked at his blood work to see that his Potassium was way down.

So, he got his Velcade injection, followed by a 2-hour infusion of Potassium and liquids.  (Saline)  Our Oncologist was on vacation (again), so one of his associates gave him a prescription for daily Potassium supplements.

He felt GREAT last night.

He felt GREAT this morning.  Got out of bed, made his own breakfast, watched television, then got up, started to walk and got dizzy.

There’s no doubt that his blood pressure dropped and he was too much in a hurry to get moving.  So…. he’s promised me that he will sit for awhile.  Slowly stand for awhile.  THEN walk.

So, this is all very frustrating, but we seem to be getting somewhere with the Potassium and Fluid infusions.  And happily, there seems to be a better communication with his health care team.

Back to the Cancer Center on Friday morning for Velcade, then he’s got the next week OFF.  YAY!