A diffult day

I was back at the hospital around 11am.  I had so much work and things left unattended that needed attending.  I was in touch with Tony and my sisterinlaw, the babysitter during the time I was away.  He had a very restful night.
Lots of doctors and nurses tending to him throughout the morning.  I’m glad my sisterinlaw was there to listen in.  Most often you need two people to remember all the questions and the answers too!
Good news is that he did not have another “episode” today.  Oxygen mask is always by his side as comfort. CAT scan from Tuesday showed 4 rather large lymph nodes. (around the 3″ range)
They did a full body x-ray (looking for blood clots) and a CAT scan of lung area and throat (looking for more swollen lymph nodes.  (all clear there, whew)
They are attempting the blood transfusion again as his hemoglobin continues to drop below 80.  They will let it drip at a very slow pace throughout the night.  Two units.
In the morning they will be doing a CAT scan biopsy.  Basically numbing the area first then inserting the needle to extract the fluid.
Causes of tremors:  could be myeloma related or infection.  So far, cultures aren’t showing anything.  (I have a feeling I’m spelling cultures wrong)
Causes of breathlessness:  Lymph node pressing on something, myeloma related or low hemoglobin.
Words like aggressive, lymphoma and leukemia were mentioned…….

Not sure the plan for releasing him from hospital.
Not sure if his appointment with Princess Margaret Hospital is still a go. (it’s at noon Thursday)
Not sure if harvesting will take place or yet another delay.

Plan is to be back at the hospital for 8am in time for all the doctors to come and discuss further.
Nite everyone

Needing every finger crossed and lots of prayers!